Insights ︎︎︎ Action 

Wave believes in the power of microdosing psilocybin for its ability to improve mood, cognitive function, consciousness, outlook, and overall well being. The human experience cultivates waves of stress, apprehensions, and challenges; however, we need not face these moments as mental and life blocks. We take what insights we learn from these experiences, transform them into actions, allowing us to traverse past the challenges and realize new heights.

Science + Sacred Knowledge

We believe in trust and accountability. We honour these medicines, their healing properties, their history, and their future, knowing that we have a responsibility to you, to our communities, and to this earth. From our company-backed trials, to our research, contributors, and advisors, we strive to continuously provide trusted BIPOC-prioritized information, both scientific and sacred.  

For You = For All

We are founded by two, first generation women of colour, who built this company around the premise of collective healing and care for community. We strongly believe that each of us healing individually leads one step closer to healing the collective. We hope to help you find more self compassion, radical self acceptance, and to help you access your flow states.